International Biennale of Glass, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2021

Toyama Glass International Exhibition 2021, Toyama Glass Art Museum, Toyama, Japan, 2021

International KOGEI Award in Toyama 2020 Exhibition, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design/Takaoka Art Museum, Toyama, Japan, 2021

2020 Art Plus Shanghai International Fair

20 The Exhibition of Contemporary Glass Artists, Qinhuangdao Museum of Glass, 2020

Works From The Collection of International Biennale of Glass, UniArt Gallery of New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2020

Collective Exhibition of Works from the Collection of IBG, Sredetz Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2020

2019 Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Swan Lake Art Museum, Weihai, Shandong

Special Invitation Exhibition of 2019 CREATIVE CRAFTS Competition, Xiamen, Fujian

2019 Art Plus Shanghai International Fair

2019 International Biennale of Glass, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

The “One Belt and One Road” Art Exhibition in Shanghai, ChinaInternational Biennale of Glass 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2018, Japan

The 2019 Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Weihai

The “2019 One Belt And One Road” Art Exhibition in Shanghai

The First Chinese Hand-Craft Art Exhibition by CAA, Shanghai, 2018

The Fourth China Contemporary Arts and Crafts Biennale, Beijing, 2018

Sculpture For Life·2018 Chinese Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition, Shandong & Beijing, 2018

OBJECT OF LIGHT:2nd Hangzhou International Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition, Zhejiang, 2017

Fusion to Integration:2017 Xiao Tai Solo Glass Exhibition, Shanghai, 2017

International Contemporary Glass Art Academic Exhibition, Tian Yuan IGAF 2016 Glass & Ice, Hebei, 2016

The Third China Contemporary Arts and Crafts Biennale, Beijing, 2016

2016 Chinese Abstract Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, 2016

The 7th China Crystal & Glass Industry Fair, Zhejiang, 2015

International Glass artworks Exhibition, Qingdao, 2015

The 5th Chinese International Creative Design Exhibition, Beijing, 2014

2014 Shanghai Crafts & Life Exhibition, Shanghai, 2014

The 2th Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition, Shanghai, 2014

International Glass Art design Exhibition of CHINA ART STORAGE, Chengdu, 2014

The 3th Artworks Exhibition of Chinese Famous Glass Artist, Beijing, 2014

1895 Chinese Arts & Crafts Series of Exhibition & Seminar- Chinese Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition, Nantong, 2014

2013 Shanghai Contemporary Arts and Crafts Boutique Exhibition, Shanghai, 2013

The 1th Chinese Abstract Sculpture Exhibition, Xi’an, 2012

MFA Postgraduate and Undergraduate Glass Art Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai, 2012

Art Shanghai 2012, Shanghai, 2012

THE ELEMENT-China & Ireland Glass Art Exhibition, Shanghai&Cork, 2012

2011 Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing, 2011

Foundation: Group exhibition featuring Chinese Avant-Garde Craft Art, Shanghai, 2011

Young Glass-Contemporary Glass Art Group Exhibition, Shanghai, 2009

The 11th National Exhibition of Arts, China, 2009

Shanghai Fine Art Exhibition, Shanghai, 2009

Glass Routes, London, UK, 2009

2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, 2009

Foundation: Winter Show, Shanghai, 2008

Glass Routes-From Wolverhampton to China, Wolverhampton, UK, 2008

Refraction: China’s Contemporary Glass, Shanghai, 2007

“First Generation Chinese Glass Artists”, Shanghai, 2006

The 1th Chinese International Industry Expo, Shanghai, 2006

The 1th National Modern Crafts Exhibition, Beijing, 2005

The 17th Japanese-Sino Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan, 2005

The 1th Exhibition of Studio Glass Art, Beijing, 2005

The 2th National Exhibition of Art Glass, Shanghai, 2005

“Contemporary Chinese Arts and Crafts”, Shanghai, 2005

The 16th Sino-Japanese Art Exhibition, Shanghai, 2004

The 10th National Exhibition of Arts, Beijing, 2004

“Century Space”-10 years’ Anniversary Exhibition of Shanghai University, 2004

The 1th National Exhibition of Art Glass, Beijing, 2004